Friday, 23 February 2007

New catses!?!

In my house there has been tawk of kittens. Baybees are on their way at my kitten-home and my hoomans said I could have a lil baybee. They are e'sited an say I can teach her fings and play with her. When they told me I gave them lots of luff and lots of play to show them I was happy bout this.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

My Baskitses

Under the stairs there are sum Baskitses which I like to bite an sleeps on an play on. Hoomans are keeping sum shoes hostidge in there an I sometimes peep an the shoes are all stuffed in there and not used. I like to use shoes for sleeps on, and for killin the dangly bits. I have found a comfable new posishon on my Baskitses.

See its comfable
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Being 'portant on my Baskitses
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Luff from Buddy

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Vantime Flowser

I got a Vamtine Flowser. I think I have sum secret 'mirers.

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From Buddy

Vantimes Day

My hoomans said it's Vantimes day today an there has been flowsers round the house. They said I should be all luffey today cause it's a extreamly 'portant day of luff. To show my luff to any hoomans who read my Blog I have speshally had a fotograph taken of me to tell you how much I am giving luffs to you.
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Lots of extra luffs, Buddy

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

It is my Blog

I now do haff a blog. Tis of extream 'portance caus its all bout my life an sumtimes some very 'portant fings happen an i have forts of extream 'portancy.

Well I will begin. I am a Cat and I am cawed Buddy. I get cawed a lot of 'noying names too, and stoopid ones but my hoomans think its cute. I will do a smawl list of the regoolar ones.

  • Buffroff
  • Buddy-bum (!)
  • Bud (This is 'ceptable)
  • Buddyboo
  • Budski
  • Buffles
  • Chubbycheeks
  • Buddy-boy (Well this is true so it's 'ceptable)

But my real name is Buddy so plees I am asking for you to give me caws by that.

I like comfable places, an I like to go sleeps on some speshall spots which are of my own and no one elses. I speshally like the sofa, my little hoomans bed, rested on the bottom stair, and in the middel of the hall on my back cause hoomans are forced to give me tickles when they pass or they know they will get sum swipes on their way past my paws. (Gentle swipes cause I am gentle and all-luffing)

From Buddy